Physics and Acquisition

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Overall research areas
Sequences and image reconstruction
Field inhomogeneity, motion and artifacts
Multi-modal data acquisition
Spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging

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Lars G. Hanson
Group leader
DRCMR, DTU Elektro
Spectroscopic imaging
Motion and correction
Signal acquisition

Mads Andersen
Post doc, DRCMR
Philips Healthcare
Motion and correction

Peter Magnusson
Senior Reserarcher

Spectroscopic Imaging

JanOlePedersen Carlos Dieste

Kristoffer H. Madsen
Senior Researcher
Motion and correction

Jan Ole Pedersen
PhD student
DTU Elektro

Non-MR signals in the
MR environment

Carlos Dieste
MSc student
DTU Elektro
Motion tracking

The members of the “MR physics and acquisition group” at the DRCMR and DTU do research improving MR scanning, e.g. with respect to speed, robustness, sensitivity or specificity. They may also work on separate topics in other research groups. The employed methods range from fundamental physics to advanced data processing techniques needed to extract important physiological parameters from the measurements. The targets of the development include imaging, spectroscopy, and multi-modal acquisition.

The group also provides education in MRI physics and techniques at the DRCMR, the DTU and elsewhere. Educational material and software developed for this is made freely available, and is used widely internationally.

Group description:

The group members have technical backgrounds, e.g. in physics, mathematics and engineering. External collaborations are established including strong ties to departments at the Technical University of Denmark (in particular Center for Magnetic Resonance, and Biomedical Engineering / Medicine&Technology at DTU Elektro).


DTU Center for Magnetic Resonance
, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby (DTU Elektro)
DTU Biomedical Engineering
, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby (DTU Elektro)
Institute of Biophysics
, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Lund University Bioimaging Centre, Lund, Sweden
C. J. Gorter Center for Highfield MRI, Leiden University Medical Center, Holland
Imaging Sciences Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht, Holland

Selected publications:

Andersen, M, Madsen, K. H. and Hanson, L. G., Prospective motion correction for MRI using EEG-equipment
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